That the genetic potential for the human being is 120-140 years. (Joel d Wallach, BS DVM MD (USA) and 1991 Nobel prize Nominee-Medicine)

That there are nine cultures of people who live to 120-140 years of age,who are practically disease free. (Photo's available National Geographic 1973 Jan issue)

Water from streams high in the mountains carry high quanties of minerals. Minerals come from deep in the earth and are brought to the surface by the ever changing mountains which inturn flow into the sea.

That a sixty year study was conducted on these long living cultures, and it was discovered that they alone have the benefit of receiving in their diet all the minerals that are available on earth.

That it has been scientifically proven, (The National Institute of Nutritional Science Journal, June 1996) that soil erosion and modern farming methods are responsible for the depletion of 80% of the essential minerals and trace elements that were in the ground a hundred years ago.

Without the correct amount of minerals and trace elements our bodies become acidic. Bacteria and disease thrive in an acidic medium, and so the ageing process begins in earnest

That vegetables produce their own vitamins, but cannot produce their own minerals.These they can only obtain from mineral rich soil. Disorder and disease result from any vitamin or mineral deficiency. It is not commonly realized, however, that vitamins control the body's appropriation of minerals, and in the absence of minerals they have no function to perform. Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of some minerals, but lacking minerals, vitamins are useless. (United States Document No 264, 74th Congress, Second Session, 1936)

That a calcium deficiency alone results in some 147 diseases.

That our blood is replaced every ninety days, our soft tissue every three years and our bone every seven years. If your diet included the essential minerals and trace eliments that nature intended you to have, you would have the immediate benifit of strong new disease free cells being produced every night whilst you sleep.

Our oceans have the highest mineral content and with our uniquely patented product we are able to provide a superior mineral supplement.


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