General information
Activity and exercise reduces oxygen levels in your bloodstream which accelerates fatigue. Oxyboost keeps the oxygen levels at their peak and helps your body perform at its maximum naturally.

Aerobic Booster
It has benefited sportsmen world wide, as a means of supplying oxygen and minerals to the blood stream that in turn allows the breathing rate to normalise, particularly in the closing stages of an event. Coupled together with the intake of Life Leader minerals, has increased stamina and energy levels dramatically. Results available from Head office. Both products are natural and cannot be classified as steroids or similar prohibited substances.

Smoking and Oxygen Boost
All tobacco smokers suffer from significant oxygen deficiency. Smoking causes the red blood cells to absorb Carbom Monoxide (a poisonous substance) instead of oxygen, this is directly related to the depletion of energy in smokers. Oxygen Boost cannot cure the affect totally, but can significantly counteract it.

Other Uses
Oxygen boost reverses the effects of low oxygen levels in divers and pilots, long distance drivers and people in physical or stressful environments benefit from the fatigue reversal of oxygen boost.


Life Leader Minerals & Oxygen Boost work together...

Although Oxygen Boost increases your performance, the more exercise you do, the more vital minerals are lost through persperation. These lost minerals are replaced by Life Leader Mineral Supplement.